Internet Telephone Service – VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Services and Providers


Voice over internet protocol (Voice over Internet Protocol) as an alternative of the traditional conventional POTS  which stands for plain old telephone service these are  for your home or office, you have to select a Voice over internet protocol service provider. As like old conventional telephone service or mobile cell services, you should have someone which will provide you with connectivity to the rest of the world.

A Voice over internet protocol service provider gives two types of components: a gateway between the broadband Internet world and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and telephone directory service.

It is the way of transferring through the internet with the help of PSTN which is stand for public switched telephone network, it allows access to you so, that you can easily dial and complete your calls to any of the telephone anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, just because you are connected to the Internet does not mean connectivity to the telephone network. This is nothing even, if you reach the internet through your telephone line service provider, they are two completely separate things. This way which help to make a link between these two opposite and different worlds.

The directory service provides you with a new telephone number which will allows the other people to call you. This directory service connected with your IP address, with this telephone number which you have that you can make calls even more accurately to you when the dialed from  all over the universe, no matter either it is another computer, a telephone or a mobile phone.
If you want to keep your POTS which is stand for plain old telephone service these line will help to continue the making of local calls and use a PC-based Voice over internet protocol service to make all your long distance call or international call. This can be the best solution for those which want to select as your plain old telephone service line for some reasons like; security system monitoring, etc. If you do this then you have to pay for the traditional telephone line and also the any costs which is just related with Voice over internet protocol.


What about a complete home or office phone replacement service?

There are a lot of service solution providers that can provide you with a solution system that can completely or totally the need for POTS is depending on the technical ability from that you can buy the hardware from one provider and the Voice over internet protocol service from another. Or you can have option for a single box provider that will give you everything which you need or according to your need; hardware, software, installation, support and ongoing telephone service for a single monthly payment only.

In the market there are many of the highly rated voip service providers that will provide you with according to your levels of service, systems and support. You really have to sit down and determine your needs before you begin shopping as the list of these providers continues to grow and the choices of the services that they provide you as what you want.